Coronavirus diagnosed by voice

The Israeli company Vocalis Health demonstrated the work of a tool for diagnosing coronavirus. However, it does it in an unusual way. To pass the test, it is enough just to record a voice message, and the detection accuracy exceeds 80%.

Vocalis Health is known for developing software for systems based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. The company’s next product is the VocalisCheck algorithm, which detects the presence of coronavirus in a patient based on voice biomarkers. There is no exact data on how the technique works, but the researchers state that the screening is based on an analysis of 512 signs of the disease.

VocalisCheck has already been proven effective by testing on 2,000 volunteers. Separately, it is noted that many of them spoke different languages, which does not affect the performance of the technique. In the course of the experiment, they managed to find out that the diagnostic accuracy was 81.2%.

Despite such impressive results, the representatives of Vocalis Health are in no hurry to bring their product to the market. In their opinion, more research is needed, including that involving all interested parties. In the future, the technology could be used to create an application for smartphones that would allow primary diagnostics without going to the hospital.


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