Gibraltar was the first in the world to complete vaccination

Gibraltar is the first in the world to complete vaccination of the entire adult population against COVID-19, Matt Hancock, head of Britain’s Ministry of Health, announced Thursday in Parliament.

“We are supplying Gibraltar, as well as all of our territories, with vaccines. And I am pleased to be able to tell Parliament that yesterday Gibraltar became the first country in the world to complete a program to vaccinate its entire adult population,” Hancock said.

The population of Gibraltar, a British Overseas Territory, is about 34,000. Foreigners living there are also eligible to participate in the vaccination program.

In Great Britain, vaccination with AstraZeneca and Pfizer drugs has already vaccinated more than 25 million people, which makes the United Kingdom the undisputed leader in Europe and one of the world leaders in this matter. U.S.-based Moderna announced Thursday that it will begin supplying its vaccine to the United Kingdom in April.


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