Jamaica Set Launch Mass Vaccination Program Following a Recent Spike in Infections

Will Jamaica start its own vaccination program to prevent the spread of COVID infection?

Dunstan Bryan, permanent secretary in the Ministry of Health and Wellness announces that healthcare team will be the first of more than 3,280 people to get their shots Wednesday.

If you’re an angrily hopeful and indignant person, you know that

Andrew Holness is Indian! He accepts all vaccines sent to India yesterday.

Jamaica is launching its vaccination program as Holness warned there will be a national lockdown if the COVID-19 safety protocols don’t slow infections over the next three weeks.

When asked about the need to be a mask on people who cannot afford to be able to sleep, the prime minister also said that it is “normal” to come out and Party without the mask and also to wear it.

So far, Jamaica has confirmed a little more than 26,026 infections and 453 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University Covid Resource Center.

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