7 win-win hairstyles for a date

7 win-win hairstyles for a date

Romance in the image begins not only with makeup, but also with the right hairstyle. The most trendy date styling options are collected in our special guide.

On a date, you always want to look perfect: choose a beautiful outfit, do the right makeup, a new manicure and, of course, a spectacular hairstyle. However, in order for the hair to look aesthetically pleasing, there is often not enough time to go to the salon. Therefore, it should be remembered that the main guarantee of a successful date hairstyle is style and simplicity. Together with blogger, singer and influencer Oksana Kosova, we offer several options that will successfully decorate any look for a romantic evening.

Careless curls

Beautifully styled curls are a versatile hairstyle that will highlight your romance and femininity. Apply a heat protectant to your hair and curl the strands away from your face. To prevent your hair from looking vulgar, leave the ends straight, and go over the strands with your hands or a comb with large and sparse teeth. Further, the hair can be styled to one side, making a side parting, or leave a straight parting, dividing the curls into exactly two parts. This styling can be done on long, medium or short hair.



High beam

A high bun is also suitable for a date, which boasts a wide variety of performance variations. For a more concise look, you can make a tall and sleek bun. If you want to make your bow more delicate, airy and romantic, a bunch of curls will come to the rescue, to which you can add a couple of released strands near the face. The bunch can also be decorated with various weaves, making it more original and graceful


Romantic Malvina

This hairstyle is easy to perform and at the same time very romantic and charming. In order to do it, you just need to secure the side strands at the back of your head with an elastic band or hairpins. And then it’s up to your imagination: you can make it into straight or curly strands, you can braid the side strands into braids and collect them in a tail or in a careless bun on the crown.


Hairstyle with headband or headband

Now headbands, hoops and headbands for hairstyles are rapidly returning to fashion. Their main advantage is that they can be combined with almost any style. For such a hairstyle, it is important to choose the right headband or headband that suits you in style and favorably emphasizes the image. Secure styling by placing a headband or headband over or under hair.


High tail

If you are comfortable with the tied up hair, and the length of the hair allows it – make a high ponytail. It’s also a safe dating option that can be done on both straight hair and light curls. Secure the ponytail with an interesting hair clip, elastic band or trendy colored scarf this season.


Hairstyles with a scarf

Separately, we will highlight the various variations of hairstyles with a scarf, which today is included in the list of the hottest fashion trends. Match it to the color of your date suit, or opt for a bold contrasting option if you’re wearing a tailored black pantsuit, for example.

The scarf can be attached to the tail (both high and low), a bun, or simply used as a bandage. There are many variations. Even if you choose the look of a “cool rocker” in a leather jacket and trendy jeans, a bright scarf will create a great accent in it.


Weaves and braids

Very often girls are frightened by such hairstyles, because they seem too difficult to perform, which in fact is far from the case. If you want to make the look more romantic, make the curls in advance to give the braids with the released strands a more casual look. An important point: do not overdo it. One or two braids without a huge amount of accessories will be the perfect complement to almost any look.

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