9 reasons to start drinking lemon water

Today, almost everyone has heard about lemon water – it is even offered in many restaurants as a free alternative to regular water. What is the secret of its popularity and what properties does it possess?

Some people drink it because they just like the taste, while others include it in their diet, believing in its health benefits. In truth, so far not much research has been done on the effects of lemon water on the human body. However, a lot is known about the properties of the two ingredients of this drink separately – water and lemon.

Fans of lemon water claim that it has a number of beneficial effects – it tones and improves well-being. Let’s try to figure out what changes can happen if you start drinking lemon water every day.

Weight loss

Recent studies in mice have shown that the polyphenolic antioxidants found in lemons contribute to weight loss. Even despite the fact that the rodents were given a special diet high in fat, these chemical elements helped them not to gain weight. Also, these mice have improved insulin resistance. Of course, only further research will be able to determine if the results of this experiment are true for humans, but preliminary data and predictions are favorable.

People who drink lemon water regularly report that they have no difficulty in losing weight (if they want to lose their weight, it goes away easily). It is not yet fully understood whether the combination of lemon and water is the main driving force, though. But it is possible that drinking more water helps dieters feel full and avoid overeating.

Water balance

Drinking enough water is important to maintain your wellness. Thanks to it, the relative constancy of the internal environment of the body, thermoregulation and the removal of toxic metabolic products are ensured. The average adult needs to drink 2.7 to 3.7 liters of water per day. We get a certain amount of liquid from food, but most of it must enter the body in the form of water. However, not every person is impressed by the idea of ​​forcing themselves to drink it in its pure form.

Adding lemon drops to the water is believed to enhance the flavor and encourage you to drink more.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that is essential for health. It can only be obtained from food, as our body cannot produce it on its own. Getting enough vitamin C can help reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke, and hypertension. According to some research, it helps us heal faster from colds and also has a positive effect on our skin.

Lemon is an excellent source of vitamin C, because one fruit contains about 90% of the required daily allowance for this useful substance.

Youthful looking skin

It is no secret that our appearance also depends on the moisture content of the skin. Therefore, drinking plenty of water is necessary in order to achieve beauty. Hydrated skin not only stays firmer and smoother, but also detoxifies well.

Vitamin C in lemons helps reduce age-adding wrinkles and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. Thus, lemon water can undoubtedly be considered one of the most effective remedies for preserving youth.

Acceleration of metabolism

Some lemon water lovers prefer to drink it in the morning on an empty stomach, as they believe that it helps start the digestive system. A glass of warm liquid after waking up from sleep really boosts your metabolism.

Even if we do not know for certain whether lemon plays a big role in this matter, but if it is more pleasant for you to drink lemon water than ordinary water, then do so. Ultimately, the point is to increase your fluid intake.

Fresh breath

You’ve likely noticed that lemon juice is used in many types of cleaning products. And this is understandable – after all, it is he who is so effective in neutralizing unpleasant odors. Therefore, if you urgently need to get rid of bad breath (for example, after foods such as onions, garlic, blue cheese or fish), then drink lemon water.

Lemon also stimulates the production of saliva. This is important because dry mouth has a more unpleasant odor than large numbers of bacteria. It is not for nothing that dentists advise brushing our teeth in the morning – after all, at this time our breathing is not as pleasant as usual (and all because of the dryness that occurs after 6-8 hours of sleep).

Low chance of kidney stones

Kidney stones are mostly calcium deposits, and experts recommend getting more citric acid to reduce the risk of their occurrence. Getting enough water is also important for keeping your kidneys healthy. So the combination of lemon and plain water is doubly beneficial for those people who are prone to this disease.

By drinking just half a glass of lemon juice (diluted with water in any proportion), you get the same amount of citric acid as in prescription drugs for people with kidney stones.

Improved mood

Research has shown that the scent of lemon reduces the amount of stress hormones that can worsen mood. For this reason, lemon oil is commonly used in aromatherapy products. So, in addition to the vitamins and potassium in lemon that provide physical health benefits, this citrus fruit also improves our state of mind. It doesn’t matter if you inhale its smell or drink its juice.

As for potassium, it plays a huge role in the regulation of blood pressure (as we know, high blood pressure is often associated with stressful conditions, so a lack of potassium can certainly affect our mood). It turns out that lemon water is also a soothing drink.

Normalization of acid-base balance (pH)

Most people have heard that pH is an indicator of our body’s health from the inside out. It is best when the balance tilts in favor of an alkaline environment, because diseases such as cancer prefer an acidic environment. The more “sour” we are, the faster we age and the more often we get sick.

Still, in order to balance the pH, it is beneficial to consume lemons and their juice. Sounds illogical, doesn’t it? After all, lemons are sour in themselves, how can they pull the balance towards an alkaline environment? The fact is that in its natural state, citric acid is – as it should be – acidic, however, when it enters our body, it becomes metabolized and has an alkaline effect.

One way or another, drinking water is the source of human activity, and lemon juice has a number of nutrients and antioxidants. And the combination of these two ingredients creates a healthy mix. By the way, supporters of Ayuverda, a system aimed at maintaining the balance of the work of the whole organism, advise to drink lemon water in the morning. But if you are still in doubt whether it is worth including such a drink in your daily rationale, just try it. In the end, you have nothing to lose.

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