Man reveals the secret of losing 126 kilograms

Reese Fox, a resident of Singapore, who was overweight, lost 126 kilograms and gave advice to those who want to lose weight.

The man, who weighed about 200 kilograms, started keeping to a ketogenic diet: he ate a lot of protein and fatty foods, but consumed very few carbohydrates.

As a result, Fox had enough energy to engage in physical activity. At first the man rode his bike around the area, and then he got a job as a delivery boy for a food delivery service.

The change in lifestyle and eating habits allowed the man to lose more than a hundred kilograms in a year.

Previously, the secret of her success revealed British Amy Manns, who lost weight by almost 40 kilograms in a year.

The woman greatly changed her diet, while not giving up completely on some treats. After achieving the first results Manns also decided to exercise, which she had never done before.

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