Smoothies, Avocado Toast and Turkey: Jennifer Aniston’s Nutritional System

Jennifer Aniston (51) has repeatedly admitted that a strict diet helps her stay in perfect athletic shape all her life. She doesn’t even indulge herself in the form of burgers and pizza, so the result is obvious. However, the actress’s diet is good for health and everyone can try it. We will tell you all about the nutrition of the actress.

Jennifer’s diet is very simple: no sugar, lots of green organic vegetables and fruits, smoothies, a hearty breakfast rich in vitamins and nutrients, and lots of water.

Jen’s fridge always contains eggs, chicken and vegetables. No fast food or canned foods.

The actress’s morning begins with a fruit smoothie to which she adds banana, cherries, protein powder, almonds, cocoa powder.

The actress then eats toast with egg and avocado and olive oil. And sometimes he complements the meal with oatmeal with a high protein content.

For lunch, Jennifer most often chooses wholemeal spaghetti combined with boiled turkey, and also prefers vegetable lasagna when she wants to lose weight. She prepares her from zucchini, eggplant and cheese.

Dinner at Jennifer’s is quite light – Greek yogurt.

As a snack, the actress always has nuts, as well as her favorite green smoothie. Jen also drinks a lot of water.

To be in shape like Jen, you just need to not eat junk food, move a lot and give up sugar. However, before you go on a diet, do not forget to consult with a specialist if it is right for you.

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