Study: the sounds of nature improve health and mood

Scientists have published the results of a large-scale study of the effects of natural sounds on human health and well-being. As it turned out, they are not only pleasant to hear, but can have a positive effect on the body.

Several teams of researchers from universities in the United States decided to study the effects of natural sounds on human well-being. As it turned out, natural noise has a therapeutic effect on human health. The experiment analyzed 251 audio recordings taken from 66 sites in national parks throughout the area.

The study proved that in areas with high levels of nature sounds and low levels of artificial sounds, listeners experienced improved health, decreased pain, improved mood and cognitive abilities, increased positive emotions, and decreased stress and irritation. Water noise was found to improve health and increase positive emotions, while the sounds of birds helped the subjects overcome stress and irritation.

Scientists state that nowadays even in national parks it is difficult to find a place without industrial noise pollution. The problem is so acute that some sites organize sound walks in complete silence. Also near parks, noise is artificially reduced in an attempt to preserve the natural soundscape.

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