What are some of the best podcasts to keep

Owning It

Caroline Foran is a life-style personality and Author, with an impressive amount of experience as an author. So her podcast owning it is not my usual perspective. Where do I start? What should I do today to improve my mindset?

The Food Medic Podcast 

According to Hazel Wallace in London, from her Food Medic podcast, from diet to health issues, you will feel like after every podcast you have really learning something valuable about how food fuels and can heal the body.

The Brian Keane Podcast

Brian Keane: Brian Keane answers all of your questions about fitness from macronutrients to running recovery and from from running through to complete recovery and as always, everybody in between. Through the episodes, you will also build a bulletproof mindset to get anything you want out of life.

TED Health 

What are some basic (and really great) health questions that exercise can do to your brain? How do psychedelics help treat depression? Can tell us how we can live all-around healthier lives and make us think about what the next frontier might be in terms of our health.

 The Female Health Podcast 

What’s the easiest way for ladies to understand their bodies, such as their daily cycle, and how do I live my life like a woman? Just when you think you know it all…

The Health Code

Sarah Stevenson and Kurt Tilse are the most exclusive Aussie entertainers at Forbes. They bring every aspect of their lives to the forefront, chatting about body image, jealousy and making excuses. What does a good audio podcast make you feel motivated to listen to it?

Real Health with Karl Henry

In his podcast Karl Henry has some very interesting information about healthy living. “Just like most people who follow a pattern of diet for four years to become healthier/positive every day”. How can I continue improving my health?

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