American readers were frightened by Putin’s “trap” for Biden

Readers of The New York Times criticized the government’s attempts to confront Russia.

In particular, some users recalled President Joe Biden’s insulting words to Russian leader Vladimir Putin and spoke out against Washington’s aggressive policy of imposing a geopolitical confrontation on Moscow.

“Shifting the focus of U.S.-Russian rivalry from economics to geopolitical enmity <…> is an extremely destructive move for the United States. Has it not occurred to anyone in the State Department that this is almost certainly a trap?” – Sarah L.


“Can this be considered productive diplomacy? In the nuclear age we live in, one must always be mindful of the risk of accidentally triggering a chain of events that could lead to war,” noted Another worker.


“This (insults. – Ed.) was a grave mistake on the part of Biden. And this mistake must be corrected as soon as possible. Russia is a major player on the international stage. And the United States is interested in cooperating with Russia on key issues,” Henry stressed.


“How can a man who has served six terms as a senator and two terms as vice president be so incompetent? His comment is a violation of all standards of government,” Tom Mariner wondered.


“The Cold War just started because our president uttered words that make it inevitable,” lamented G Arnold.


“We hear about American exceptionalism, but now we have been clearly shown the delusiveness of American illusions,” DRSpok said.

In a mid-March interview with ABC, Biden promised that Putin would “pay for meddling” in the U.S. election and also answered in the affirmative when asked if he considered the Russian leader a “murderer.” Putin responded by wishing his American counterpart health and offering to chat online, but the White House responded by saying that the presidents “have already had a conversation.” The other day it became known that Biden invited Putin to the climate talks. The Kremlin said it considered the topic to be very important, and the invitation would be considered in due course if it came through official channels.

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