Americans praise Biden’s action on pandemic

Meanwhile, most respondents were critical of the president’s approaches to gun control and immigration

President Joe Biden has received high marks for his priorities of combating the coronavirus pandemic and economic recovery. There are, however, warning signs related to other issues on his agenda. That’s according to a joint poll by ABC News and polling service Ipsos.

The president’s response to the coronavirus pandemic is endorsed by 72 percent of those surveyed, up from 68 percent of Americans who said the same thing earlier this month, before Congress passed a $1.9 trillion economic aid package. Twenty-eight percent of respondents disapprove of its actions.

Three in four Americans also support Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine distribution efforts.

A clear majority (60 percent) approve of Biden’s leadership of the nation’s economic recovery; about 40 percent disapprove.

In his first two months in office, however, the president has faced his first challenges in the form of two mass shootings and an influx of migrants at the border with Mexico.

More than half, 57 percent of Americans, disapproved of his approach to gun control and immigration issues; just over 40 percent of those surveyed supported the president.

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