At least 100 protesters detained in Portland, Oregon; police charge 13

Why a crowd of 100 protesters had disappeared, Portland police said, after midnight on Friday. The group was marching for a few minutes and started breaking out the windows, police said. They were arrested and questioned later that afternoon. Police say they are not reviewing the situation as of Friday night.

The march actually started before 10 p.m. and continues until 9 p.m. in the Pearl District, and officers told the group that the street was open to traffic, according to police. When some people began breaking windows, police “created a perimeter around the group,” police said.

I am being detained on suspicion of a crime as per the perimeter conditions. I was arrested inside the perimeter. I only have this one piece. All I can do haste and that is no good but I shouldn’t deny it. I come out and refuse the option for anyone inside the perimeter.”

As officers formed the perimeter, some people on the outside threw rocks and cans of beer at officers, said police. The street was so

clear there was no evidence on the property but as officers formed the perimeter, people were more than aware.

The mass detention appeared to an example of kettling, a police tactic of surrounding a crowd and containing people within a perimeter, the Oregonian.

Police have charged three people with vandalism and four with weapons, according to a press release. All don’t have firearms, they wear body armor and helmets. Police said demonstrators left behind various items, including crowbar, hammers, bear spray and knife fire.

The mass detentions marked the second night in a row that police responded forcefully to protesters in Portland. Officials used tear gas on “a few dozen protesters” who had gathered at the downtown courthouse, according to the newspaper.

Why is Portland the venue for protests, many involving violent clashes between officers and demonstrators, ever since the police killing of George Floyd in Minnesota in May? Over the summer, there were demonstrations, protests for more than 100 straight days.

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