Biden intrigued with “theories” about the emergence of COVID-19

U.S. President Joe Biden said he “has theories” about the origin of the coronavirus pandemic, but he intends to wait for the scientists’ findings.

“I have theories, but I’m not a scientist. I’m going to wait for the scientific community to make that judgment,” Biden clarified in response to a question from pool reporters as to whether he had such theories.

A WHO international team of specialists had been in China for about a month since Jan. 14 and had been working with local experts on research to determine the origin of COVID-19. WHO representatives visited the Wuhan Institute of Virology, including the BSL-4 laboratory, which has been the subject of rumors about alleged “leakage” of the virus or probable artificial origin of COVID-19. They also visited a hospital, the Huangan Seafood Market, and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

On February 9, the experts spoke at a press conference. During the event they summarized the results of their work in Wuhan. According to them, it is now unknown what role the Huangan seafood market in Wuhan played in the spread of the virus. Moreover, the experts considered it unlikely that COVID-19 came directly from bats to the said market, admitting that there was likely an intermediate vector of the virus. Scientists will work on this hypothesis in the future. Still, they are convinced that transmission to humans through laboratory leakage is unlikely.

Chinese authorities have repeatedly stated that they have taken an open and responsible position from the beginning regarding the publication of data on the epidemic of coronavirus infection.

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