Biden says New York governor could be prosecuted

U.S. President Joe Biden believes that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo could be prosecuted if allegations of sexual harassment against him are confirmed.Asked by a reporter whether Cuomo would have to leave office if the investigation eventually confirmed the allegations of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior by the women who accused him, Biden said unequivocally, “Yes.

“I think he will probably be prosecuted,” Biden added.

According to the U.S. president, “the woman (who made the accusations) should be considered telling the truth,” she should not be victimized because of what she said. That said, “there should be an investigation” to determine that she is telling the truth.
Earlier, it was reported that at least seven women have come forward with allegations of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior against Cuomo, and the state attorney general’s office has opened an investigation.

Cuomo told the press Friday that he had no intention of resigning and urged him to wait for the outcome of the investigations. He said he never harassed anyone, insulted anyone or did anything he was accused of doing. The governor said only allegations have been made so far, but there are no facts to prove he is guilty of anything.

U.S. Senate Democratic Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand said Friday that Cuomo should resign over allegations of sexual harassment.

On Thursday, the speaker of the New York State Assembly (the lower house of the legislature), Carl Heastie, authorized the House Judiciary Committee to launch an investigation into possible impeachment of the governor. It will not interfere with the independent investigation being conducted by state Attorney General Letitia James.

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