Facebook blocked Maduro’s account

Facebook blocked the account of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro in an attempt to impose its policies and laws on other countries, according to a statement from the Ministry of Communications of the Latin American country.

“The Ministry of Communication categorically condemns the arbitrariness of Facebook that has blocked for 30 days the official blog of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, violating the rights of its 1.2 million users, in violation of the Venezuelan Constitution,” reads the statement.

This is not the first time that Facebook and its partners WhatsApp and Instagram have sanctioned content posted on the president’s account.

In October 2020, it happened because of the president’s report on the molecule DR10, the Venezuelan drug for the treatment COVID-19. This time, the administrators of the network removed the broadcast of the meeting where the drug “carvativir” was presented.

“We are witnessing digital totalitarianism by supranational companies that want to impose their law on different countries,” the ministry notes.

“This is not only an act of censorship by the dictatorship of the new media, but also evidence of the expansion of the blockade and boycott that the North American empire illegally applies against our people,” wrote, in turn, Communications Minister Freddy Nyañez on Twitter.

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