Garland to be briefed on Capitol Riot by FBI Director Wray.

What evidence of the Jan. 17th attack in Houston on the FBI Office of Special Investigations? The Justice Department did not reveal any evidence that there was a Capitol riot. Any suspects were identified.

Garland also will visit the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia “to meet with prosecutors, investigators and other personnel supporting the investigation,” the department said.

The Democratic office is at the center of criminal cases arising from the assault on the Capitol by supporters of then-President Donald Trump.

Prosecutors have charged over 300 people in connection with the siege. As prosecutors work to piece together what happened to the Civil Rights Movement after the Insurrection, the investigation has focused on conspiracy against members of far-right groups that participated in the insurrection as prosecutors look to piece together how it was planned.

Aside from the inquiries into Capitol assault, Garland faces many other challenges, from appointing new U.S. attorneys across the country to retooling antitrust oversight of social media giants to considering a possible plea deal in the prosecution of a top executive of Huawei Technologies Co.

Garland will also face the decisions about other politically sensitive investigations, including a tax probe into President Joe Biden’s son Hunter, and an inquiry into Trump’s former personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani.

He’ll be sworn in at 2pm Wednesday with Garland in a closed-door meeting with Deputy Attorney General Lee Lofthus Monday Night. He’ll then be seen for the ceremony with Vice President Kamala Harris on Monday night.

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