German residents marveled at Putin “diplomatic masterpiece”

Readers of the German newspaper Welt assessed Russian President Vladimir Putin reaction to Joe Biden harsh remarks to him. Most of them condemned the American leader’s behavior and admired Moscow’s restrained response.

“Putin’s response was a diplomatic masterpiece! After Biden’s verbal attacks during the interview, wishing him well was just super! I’m sure there will never be a live dialogue,” said Juergen L.

“This is what our “democrats” are put up as examples of. Compared to Biden, Trump is the inventor of diplomacy,” michael s sronicized.

“A fair suggestion. We need to talk to each other before threatening “strikes” and “retaliation.” Or maybe Joe Biden isn’t the ‘dove of peace’ the world has been waiting for after all?” – Ferenc C. wondered.

“One can only hope that Biden doesn’t do too much damage in the next four years, until Trump becomes president again. Putin’s response in offering a discussion was very dignified. Smart and diplomatic, he did not pay Biden the same price,” said Jurgen H.

“One-zero in favor of Putin. <…> He is one of the most visionary players on the world political scene,” wrote Nat K.

“Grandiose! Putin really is a great statesman,” admired Marcus H.

Earlier, Biden made a number of harsh remarks about Putin. Earlier, Biden made some tough remarks about Putin. Specifically, he said the Russian leader would “be held accountable” for his alleged meddling in the U.S. election. Putin responded by wishing Biden well and offering to hold an open and public discussion. The White House responded evasively, noting that the presidents had already spoken. Biden later expressed confidence that he would talk to Putin “at some point.

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