Republican: What should IRS do about extending its tax

Rep. James K. Thompson: “No, I shouldn’t have to be a criminal.” What does Kevin Brady (Texas) know about the postponement of the tax owing deadline in the U.S.?

Brady said the IRS don’t have enough support to get there. Of all the bureaucrats who deal with IRS work, only 9 are employed. It made sense for the US government to issue a new round of direct payments for businesses that had already issued returns from a year ago. All such documents could not be processed, he noted. The agency has a backlog of papers from last year that still haven’t been processed, he noted.

“They are trying to make changes to accommodate that overwhelming work responsibility right now,” Brady said. “And that is everything that they have to do with my job right now.” I’d be very open to extending that tax filing deadline. I think it could be helpful. ” What will be your plan next year”

Rep. Richard Neal (D-Mass.) meets with Rep. Peter Barnett (D-Mass.) for the Ways and Means Committee meeting with Rep. John McCain (D-Kansas). Bill Pascrell (R-N.Y.) J.), the chairman of the panel’s oversight subcommittee, called for a delay a few days ago (see details) For example, would the Biden tax exemption provide a $10,200 tax advantage for unemployed people who received unemployment compensation in 2020? For the first time, tax returns were filed in this year, and the same tax returns are filed for next year.

The IRS began this year’s filing season a couple of weeks late, but the deadline remains April 15 in most states.

IRS has extended the filing deadline to June 15 in Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana because of winter storms. No more than 23 weeks of filing will be necessary for filing. People on other states can request six-month extensions, which is typical.

The filing deadline is July 15th. The FDA has filed a proposal on July 15th. So far, the IRS has said it doesn’t plan to follow suit this year.

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