Russian Ambassador to the United States arrives in Moscow

Earlier, the Russian embassy in the U.S. reported that Anatoly Antonov would participate in consultations to straighten out bilateral relations.

Russia’s ambassador to the United States arrived in Moscow on Sunday to discuss the deterioration of US-Russian relations after US President Joe Biden said he believes Vladimir Putin is a murderer.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said Wednesday that Ambassador Anatoly Antonov was invited to Moscow for urgent talks after President Biden said in an ABC interview that he believes President Putin is a murderer who will “pay” for alleged interference in the US election.

Putin reacted to Biden’s words with the Russian children’s proverb “what you call a name is what you call a name,” and offered to negotiate with the U.S. president on live television. Biden has not yet accepted the offer.

Social media accounts of the Russian embassy in Washington posted a photo of Antonov at the U.S. airport on Sunday night and an Aeroflot plane on the tarmac.

“Russian Ambassador Anatoly Antonov is on his way to Moscow for consultations on straightening out U.S.-Russian relations,” the embassy said.

Russia’s state-run Channel One reported that Antonov told reporters before boarding the plane that the Russian Foreign Ministry and other agencies had much work to do, but that he had no doubt that keeping channels of communication open was in the interests of the American people.

The channel then read excerpts from letters allegedly sent to Antonov by Americans before his departure in which they apologize for Biden’s remarks about Putin.

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