The U.S. is concerned about Moscow’s attempts to intimidate Ukraine

The U.S. is concerned about Moscow's attempts to intimidate Ukraine

Washington asks Russia for clarification on border provocations

The U.S. has asked Russia for explanations about provocations on the border with Ukraine, State Department spokesman Ned Price said Monday. At issue is the concentration of Russian troops, which has been repeatedly reported.

Speaking to reporters during a regular briefing, the Foreign Ministry spokesman stressed that the United States stands shoulder to shoulder with its partner, Ukraine, in the face of attempts to intimidate it by Russia.

The U.S. is concerned about any attempts by Moscow to intimidate Ukraine, no matter where the attempts are made – on Russian territory or on Ukrainian territory, Price said.

“We have asked Russia to provide an explanation for these provocations. But more importantly, what we have sent to our Ukrainian partners is a signal designed to reassure them (of our help),” the State Department spokesman said.

On the same day, during a briefing for journalists at the White House, White House press secretary Jen Psaki also noted that the U.S. remains concerned about the situation on the border between Ukraine and Russia.

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