U.S. to participate in multilateral talks on Iran nuclear deal

Washington ready for direct talks with Tehran, State Department says

The United States has agreed to participate in multilateral talks that will begin Tuesday in Vienna as part of the process of renewing the 2015 “nuclear deal” between Iran and the world’s leading powers (the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Russia and China). The information was confirmed Friday by Ned Price, a State Department spokesman.

Price said the talks in Vienna will be structured around working groups the EU is going to form with other parties to the agreement, including Iran.

“We don’t expect an immediate breakthrough because there are difficult discussions ahead. But we believe this is a necessary step forward,” Price said in a statement, adding that Washington is ready for direct talks directly with Tehran.

Reuters reported, citing a source in the European Union, that the negotiators aim to reach an agreement within two months.

Former President Donald Trump rejected U.S. participation in the international agreement in 2018 and reimposed sanctions on Iran, prompting Tehran to violate some of the deal’s restrictions.

President Joe Biden wants to renew U.S. participation in the agreement, but Washington and Tehran can’t decide who should make the first move.

“Iranian and U.S. representatives will be in the same city, but not in the same room,” a European diplomatic source told Reuters.

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