US lifted sanctions against Xiaomi by court decision

Shortly after Xiaomi was included in the sanctions list, the company filed a lawsuit against the US departments. Having considered the claim of the Chinese brand, the court agreed with its arguments and overturned the decision of the US administration to ban the ownership of its shares for American investors.

According to the vendor’s press service, on March 12, a US court banned the Department of Defense from recognizing Xiaomi as a company associated with the Chinese military and taking appropriate action based on this. As part of the guaranteed interim measures, the court, in full and with the immediate entry into force of the decision, ruled to abolish the restrictions on the purchase of Xiaomi securities by US citizens and the requirement for them to withdraw their investments in the company in accordance with the previously issued decree of the President of the United States.

Xiaomi said that the decision to grant it the status of “military” was rash, with which the judge agreed. The vendor also recalled its status as a publicly owned company with an independent management, which offers consumer electronics exclusively for civil and commercial use. Xiaomi will also continue to insist that the court declare the illegality of the previous decision of the US administration and achieve its unconditional overturn. Recall that according to the original decree, investors were required to withdraw their assets from the blacklisted companies by November 11, 2021.

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