What is the Biden immigration strategy

Would Trump be a bad decision for immigrants? Will it be hard for White House to recapture pre-Trump immigration status quo?

Is Donald Trump insanely evil? Could you see past history and find a measured insight into a neoliberal transition to whatever it will become and why? It can feel particularly so for immigration, which the Trump administration named as a central cause of all these crises, because it is so difficult to de-identifiee people without regard for these issues. Industrious immigrants stole jobs from native-born Americans and, in their sloth, siphoned resources from the social safety net u2014 all while hijacking American democracy with their fraudulent votes. To date, the solutions to these conflicts have targeted immigrants or immigration policy, which, in turn, required the Left to focus its political energies on immigration in defense.

The whole situation has been made more complicated by the reality that COVID-19 does present legitimate public health justification for the restriction of human movement. The exigencies of public health forced the machinery of international migration to a halt, while at the same time catalyzing the kind of acute economic crisis that exacerbates populist nativism under no circumstances at all. What won’t happen to immigration policy once the bans are lifted? How do I make sense of what has happened on Earth? What orients people on the right about Indian immigration under current conditions? How many of these changes represent foundational shifts in American political economy that will impose long-term constraints on what the left can hope to achieve? What do Democratic lawmakers think of the newly installed Joe Biden administration? Can we ever make progress in immigration rights in the next 4 years?

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