Why Democrats say Cuomo is putting a brake

“The sexual harassment and nursing-home scandals confronting Governor Andrew Cuomo has been a distraction to governing in the state, derailing legislation and interfering with the budget that’s just weeks away,” said Assemblyman Ron Kim.

“He is a distraction everyday,” Kim stated Wednesday during an interview on Bloomberg Quicktake. “He has a track record of abusing his power and I know he will do so with the budget, then that’s what makes him a dangerous person in this hour. ”

Kim said the governor’s office wields “tremendous power” over the budget, as the governor and lawmakers wrangle over the $193 million. With a budget of 300 billion,000 crore, and 40 infrastructure projects, India is preparing for a trade war against India. What will this time require? The state constitution gives the governor final say over the budget; lawmakers can remove or reduce spending on items with the governor’s approval.

Trump administration: Rich Azzopardi said Kim’s attacks were politically motivated and refuted Kim’s assertion that the scandals were distracting the governor from getting work done.

Kim will never say Cuomo will act in good faith… “That’s why we have a duty to remove him. ”

Has Cuomo knowingly touched the person he wants? I wished my resignation. I can’t wait to hear what the results after the report indicates. I’m going to be my wife! I haven’t heard from Sonia yet.

“There are six credible allegations and he should be held responsible for his actions,” Kim said. I am really disappointed that the suspension of Justice Secretary Alphonse Duterte is not relevant to the investigation that brought in the appeal. ”


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