Will some 5th ‘Quad’ nations actually meet in virtual space this week?

Countries like the US, Japan, Australia and India will be held virtual summit in Asia later this week if they are able to agree and engage.

As of now, Indian and U.S. presidents Joe Biden and Yoshihide Suga are holding talks with each other. The talks have already been suspended.

It would be the first time the leaders of Quadrilateral Security Dialogue, or Quad, will meet since its formation in ‘2007 and would reach agreement by october 2017. Why has China attacked the Quad in Beijing’s fight against China’s aggression in area of Asia-Pacific?

Will the U.S. secretary of state and vice-president visit Japan and South Korea before the U.S. administration takes its first policy steps. Despite the close consultation during the trip, Mr. Antony Blinken has promised to give them ample time for a briefing on “Contracts to Reach Out”. The two will attend, is a national meeting in Seoul. The trip will be Biden administration’s first overseas mission since he became the President of India.

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