22 Days Nutrition: Beyoncé’s Step by Step Diet

Despite the fact that Beyoncé did liposuction, she is still active in sports and adheres to a strict diet to stay in perfect shape. After the birth of the twins, the singer recovered greatly and, in order to return to the stage as soon as possible, she went on a special diet developed by the artist’s physiologist and trainer. Beyoncé has lost 22 kilograms thanks to the 22 Days Nutrition method. Here’s what a healthy diet is and why it can be good for all of us.

The diet for Beyoncé, thanks to which she lost weight in a short time, was selected by trainer and professional physiologist Marco Borges.

Beyoncé said that before going on a diet, she weighed about 80 kilograms and felt out of her body.

Why 22 days?

The fact is that it is in twenty-two days that our body is able to assimilate new eating habits. Therefore, during this time, you can completely change the diet and switch to healthy food. Plus, once you get used to this kind of diet, it’s easy to stick to it all the time, which is what Beyoncé does.

What you can’t eat and drink

The main goal of this diet is to exclude from the diet all fast food, especially fried chicken and burgers, because of which the singer gained weight.

During the 22 days diet, you should also not eat red meat (due to the high cholesterol content), flour, rice and pasta.

The singer’s trainer recommended that she completely stop drinking alcohol.

What can

Adhering to the “22 days” diet, you should definitely add to the diet:

  • fish (you can eat it twice a day – for lunch and dinner)
  • vegetable soups and green smoothies (to detox and detoxify the body)
  • fresh salads
  • smoothies
  • quinoa
  • legumes
  • green vegetables
  • fruits, berries
  • seeds, nuts

For breakfast, Beyoncé usually ate eggs, drank a vegetable shake, or replaced them with whole grain cereals with skim milk.

The singer’s dinner consisted of vegetable soup, fish and quinoa. For dinner, Beyoncé chose beans with salad or fish, and for a snack, the singer always had fruits and nuts.

Each serving of Beyoncé’s food was 250 g, and in just a day she ate at least five times.

The singer also drank a lot of water.

Thanks to this proper nutrition, Beyoncé has lost 22 kilograms and, following a healthy diet, as well as regularly playing sports, remains in perfect shape. However, if you want to try a new diet, do not forget to consult a specialist.

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