Amazing Doria: 10 Fun Facts About Duchess Meghan’s Mom

Soon Doria Ragland will become a grandmother for the second time. What is known about the woman who communicates with the Sussexes more often than the Windsors?

After the sensational interview of the Sussex, it became obvious that their relationship with the Windsors was far from ideal. However, Meghan still maintains a good relationship with her mom. Doria Ragland lives in Los Angeles, where the couple moved after renouncing their status as acting members of the royal family, and recently the press has often written that the grandmother must often see little Archie.

When the world found out about Doria

The general public met Doria on her daughter’s wedding day. As we now know, the event was directed to the public, while in fact Meghan and Harry had exchanged vows a few days earlier. However, on May 19, 2018, this was unknown, and the audience watched with bated breath as the mother and daughter went to the church, where the wedding was to take place. Meghan’s parents split up when she was six years old, and she has often said that her mom is her “best friend.”


The mother of the future Duchess is from Ohio. She was born in Cleveland to a nurse and antiques dealer. Doria’s parents made the decision to move to Los Angeles when she was very young, but after the move they divorced. This was not the first marriage of Doria’s mother, and her father soon married a young girl, with whom his daughter continued to communicate even after their marriage ended in divorce. The woman has two brothers and a sister from other marriages of her parents.


In an interview with Glamor in 2017, Miss Markle said: “My mom is a yoga instructor, but she also does social work, including with the geriatric community (geriatrics is the branch of gerontology that studies, prevents and treats diseases of old age – ed. ) “. In the same interview, the actress announced that her parent recently ran the Los Angeles Marathon. “We can just have fun together, but I will still find so much comfort in her support,” said Prince Harry’s beloved. “This duality exists as well as in the best friend.”

The press reported that in her early youth, Ragland worked as a make-up artist and worked for television workers. It was then that she met her daughter’s future father, lighting director Thomas Mark, whom she married in 1979 (their marriage lasted eight years). Doria also worked as a travel agent and even tried herself in business. In 2011, she received her MA in Social Work from the University of Southern California and worked for a mental health clinic for several years.

Appearances at court

Ragland made two highly controversial visits to the UK: for her daughter’s wedding and for her grandson’s baptism. A source told Us Weekly about the first of these: “Doria says the highlight of the wedding – of course after she witnessed her daughter say yes to her beloved man – was meeting the Queen.” The woman also visited her daughter in the United Kingdom and on other occasions, always giving her support.

Ragland never discussed her daughter, son-in-law, grandson, or anyone from the Windsor in public and, unlike her ex-husband, was not noticed for communicating with the tabloids, which allowed her to maintain a good reputation.

What Megan Says About Her

Miss Markle once blogged The Tig, where she talked about her life and hobbies. The actress also wrote about her mother. “Dreadlocks. Nose earring. She is a yoga instructor. Social worker. Makes lemon cakes, Megan wrote. – She moves her hips in the cutest dance you’ve ever seen, shaking her head and snapping her fingers in time as if she’s been dancing since she was born. You would smile. Nothing can be done about it. You look at her and you feel joy. I’m talking about my mom. ”

A touching family relationship

In her blog, Megan also mentioned the cute nickname her mother gave her. “I am constantly asked how I stay in two opposing worlds – in the entertainment industry based on wealth and indulgence, and in humanitarian work,” wrote the actress. – For me, this is not a question of how you can combine it, rather I would ask how you can not combine it? “I don’t know, Flower. You were just born this way, ”was my mother’s answer to the above question, testifying to the character traits that she knows so well in me: stubbornness, determination and a deep desire to bring about change. Yes, she calls me ‘flower’. ”

Now she’s close with her daughter again

The Sussex move to the United States helped Doria get closer to her daughter’s family. Us Weekly wrote that the Sussex people spent the summer of 2020 with Megan’s mom. Insiders told the publication that the grandmother is actively babysitting the baby and helping young parents prepare organic baby food from scratch. The media claim that Doria lives in View Park-Windsor Hills – in a house that she inherited from her father. However, some of the experts insist that the woman moved to the Sussex mansion in Montecito.

Her son-in-law appreciates her

Meghan introduced her mother to Prince Harry early in their relationship, and they crossed paths many times during the romance, including the 2016 Invictus Games founded by His Highness. In an interview with the BBC, the Duke of Sussex said, “She [Meghan] has an amazing mom!” The Duchess added, “I also think that once my friends were able to get to know Harry and my mom, who we spent a lot of time with and who we had so much fun with, close enough, it became apparent that no matter what we went through, it was all just temporary. ”

She loves yoga

As we said, Doria worked as a yoga instructor for many years. The daughter shares her passion. It was rumored that the mother and daughter’s visit to Oprah Winfrey on the eve of the Sussex wedding was associated with the TV star’s desire to do yoga with the actress and her mother.

She became the prototype of the heroine of a love story. Sentimental Americans are extremely imbued with Ragland, which could not but have consequences in popular culture. The writer Jasmine Guillory conceived the novel “Royal Holidays”, in which a woman who looks like the Duchess’s mother comes to Sandringham to visit her daughter and falls in love with the royal secretary. As conceived by the author, this is a story about a single mother who finally found “someone who will appreciate her.”


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