AMAZON announced the premiere date of “Future War”

Amazon has finalized an agreement to acquire the rights to an action film with sci-fi elements called “Future War,” with Chris Pratt taking the lead role. As stated by Western media, the film will be presented by the streaming service on July 2 this year.

The picture will tell about a company of time travelers, who arrived in our time from 2051, in order to deliver a certain urgent message. In the future, humans lose a tough fight against a deadly alien species. There is only one hope for salvation: the transfer of some military and civilians to the future from the present. According to the plot, they will have to join the battle.

Among the recruits also turns out to be a high school teacher and a respectable family man Dan Forester. The role of the latter was given to Pratt. The hero longs to save the world, for the sake of his growing daughter, and joins forces with a female professor and his own father. Yvonne Strahovski and J.K. Simmons also play in the picture.

Recall that the project was created by Paramount Pictures Studios, and it was first anticipated to be in theaters. According to insiders, the deal cost Amazon about $200 million.

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