Armie Hammer Loses Another Role

Once famous actor Armie Hammer was left without another role. According to the Western media, he was excluded from the picture “Billion Dollar Spy”.

It was assumed that he would play a CIA agent in the thriller, who works in one of the offices in Moscow, and with whom a Soviet engineer got in touch. The image of the latter is ready to embody Mads Mikkelsen.

It is the fourth Hollywood project, the authors of which did not wish to continue cooperation with Hammer. Earlier he left the project “The Proposal”, which will be filmed the story of the creation of the cult drama “The Godfather”.

Recall that the actor’s career came to an acute crisis when the general public learned about the details of his shocking correspondence with some girls. In his messages, he described quite frightening fantasies. Also, one of the women has now claimed that Hammer raped her, but while the case is pending.

The actor himself categorically refuses to acknowledge all of these accusations, stating that he agreed in advance with his partners on all of his sexual acts.

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