“Avatar” beat “Wonder Woman” in China

James Cameron’s sci-fi film “Avatar” managed to keep the lead at the Chinese box office, as well as at the international box office last weekend. According to Western media reports, the film grossed about $14 million in its second weekend. This means that the drop in collections compared to the first weekend was about 32 percent.

Total receipts in the Chinese film market since the start of the new box office exceed $45 million. The 10-year-old sci-fi project has easily surpassed the DC Comics picture “Wonder Woman 2: 1984. From one day to the day the project will have at least 50 million dollars in the account, because, according to media reports, tickets are sold out a few days in advance.

Recall that the painting “Avatar” was first presented in China, as well as throughout the world, in 2010. The picture managed to earn a considerable at the time of the box office – about 200 million dollars. The interest of the public to Cameron’s project, suggests that the continuation will also be able to earn an impressive box office. By the way, in IMAX “Avatar” has managed to collect about 4 million dollars.

Recall that the second part of the film will be released late next year.

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