Eredin and others. New cast members of The Witcher season 2 revealed

It became known about the completion of filming the second season of “The Witcher”: the main part of the production cycle is behind, and now the editors and special effects creators are at work. Meanwhile, the Redanian Intelligence team pleases fans with insider information about the new actors who played important roles in the sequel.

The publication’s editors reported seven actors at once, previously unbeknownst to them. Eredin will be played by Sam Hazeldine (“Sharp Visors”), the elven enchantress Lara Dorren by a little-known actress named Niamh McCormack, and the legendary soothsayer Itlina by Anne Furbank (“Les Miserables”).

Besides, the King of Redania Wisimir, father of Radovid, will be played by Ed Birch (“Sherlock”), a novice actor Joseph Payne will transform into the scribe Jarre, and the role of a very intriguing secret character known only as “Immortal Mother” and compared with Gunther O’Dimm will be played by Anya Marson (“Killing Eve”). Emily Birt will embody a certain Ailn on screen – nothing is known about this character, nor is anything known about the actress.

Recall that the release of the second season of the series “The Witcher” should take place this year. But it is worth bearing in mind that the team has violated all production deadlines, and this date may be postponed.

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