“Mortal Kombat” release postponed because of DC fans

Warner Bros. is once again planning to postpone the premiere of “Mortal Kombat,” which is based on the famous video game series. Previously, the film was expected on April 16 of this year, but now it is reported that it will be presented a week later.

There has been speculation that the company is trying to keep fans of graphic novels DC, which had a subscription to the streaming service HBO Mach before the premiere of “Justice League Zack Snyder. Note that the picture was introduced on March 18 of this year, which means that new subscribers subscribed before that date, and their subscription will be completed a month later – before the release of “Mortal Kombat.” Overall, this move is pretty logical, as there was a rapid growth in the subscriber base at the beginning of last month.

Some time ago, the producer of the picture noted that when working on the film adaptation, he was guided by the Marvel Cinematic Universe in some moments. “We started by thinking about what they did, how were the Avengers put together? We thought about the fact that they started with one character, and that was the starting point. It was about Iron Man at the time. I mean, they didn’t start with a team movie right away,” he noted.

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