Robert Downey Jr. was doused in slime

The Nickelodeon Television Channel has unveiled a list of stars who have been honored at the Kids’ Choice Awards 2021. As it turns out, Iron Man performer Robert Downey Jr. was honored as “the most popular actor in a feature-length project. Traditionally, during his acceptance speech, he was showered with streams of green slime.

“You think only the Hulk is capable of changing color like that?” commented Robert Downey Jr. on his social media page. He also admitted that he was honored to earn the attention of the children’s audience again. “It certainly wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for your support. Thank you so much from my green-eyed heart,” the actor wrote.

A similar women’s award went to Millie Bobby Brown, who starred in “Enola Holmes.” In turn, the TV series “Very Stranger Things,” in which the actress played, won the award for “Most Popular Show for the Whole Family.” The most successful feature film was the second part of “Wonder Woman”. Notably, it is also a contender for this year’s Golden Raspberry. “Soul” is the best animated film according to the award.

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