Spielberg to make a movie about his childhood

Steven Spielberg is ready to present his new project – now he is developing an unnamed picture, the plot of which focuses on his childhood spent in Arizona. As you know, he will act not only as the director of the film, but also its screenwriter, along with Tony Kushner. The filmmakers had previously made “Lincoln” together.

Spielberg has spoken more than once about his childhood years in Arizona, and these facts inspired many of his storylines and characters. He also mentioned more than once that it was as a child that he developed a love for the stars and the night sky.

The filmmaker was born in 1946, and at the age of 11 he moved with his family to Arizona. A year later he shot his first amateur film about a train wreck there. In the late ’50s, the director became a Boy Scout, and that’s when he made the 10-minute film The Last Gunfight. At the age of 13, he and his friends directed the war project “Escape to Nowhere” – it was about 40 minutes long.

The mother of a key character is expected to be portrayed by Michelle Williams. Spielberg is currently recruiting actors for other roles. The start of the filming process is scheduled for this summer. The premiere is expected next year.
The director will unveil his new film “West Side Story” later this year.

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