The head of DC films did not allow Superman’s grandfather to become a black man

Jeff Jones, who is the former head of DC Films and the producer of the feature-length graphic novel adaptations, did not allow Superman’s grandfather to become a black man. This revelation was revealed in a major investigation by The Hollywood Reporter.

The television series Krypton, the events of which unfolded in the hero’s mythical homeland, is implied. The show’s writers insisted that “unconventional casting decisions” had to be made, and planned to entrust one of the lead roles to Reg Paige, the star of the Bridgertons multiseries. However, Jones insisted that Superman could not have dark-skinned ancestors.

In addition, it was planned that the other hero of the comics Adam Strange will be bisexual or homosexual, but the producer did not allow this to happen.

Recall that earlier Ray Fisher, who played Cyborg in the DC Cinematic Universe, accused the company management of being racist. As a result, an internal investigation was initiated, the details of which were not disclosed to the general public. Be that as it may, no additional reshuffling of company management took place.

“Krypton” was introduced to the public three years ago, but it failed to last more than two seasons.

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