The trailer for the “Saw: The Spiral” project has been released

The authors of the horror film “Saw: The Spiral” have published a new trailer. Recall that with this picture it is planned to restart the once popular series. By the way, the idea for the new film belongs to the famous American comedian Chris Rock.

He took over as producer, and in addition he managed to collect an impressive cast, which turned out Zoe Palmer, Samuel L. Jackson, Max Minghella and other stars. At the beginning it was expected that the picture will be on the screens in the spring of 2020, but its rolling was canceled, as in the case of many other films, due to the pandemic.

Recall that the slashers in the Saw series were built around serial maniac John Kramer, as well as his followers. The characters invented and implemented clever death traps.

The last “Saw” movie was on screens in 2017. In all, the eighth series managed to earn about $100 million.

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