The virtual premiere of Snyder’s new project was thwarted

Zack Snyder's Justice League

The virtual premiere of Zack Snyder Justice League, which was supposed to be attended by journalists, activists and representatives of various industries, did not take place.

According to Western media reports, special invitations were sent out last week. Those who confirmed their own intention to attend should have received a new message with instructions on where to see the film. However, that did not happen.

Eventually, potential attendees were sent a letter stating that there was a technical glitch on the platform that was to be used for the premiere. Producer Zack Snyder issued a formal apology about it. “I don’t know what to say. I’m waiting for an explanation. I want to apologize to everyone,” he writes.

For his part, Ray Fisher (a member of the film adaptation) said that if he had actually been Cyborg, he would have fixed the problems right away.

As a reminder, other viewers will be able to evaluate Snyder’s new project on HBO Mach tomorrow. Production costs for the revamped “Justice League” were about $70 million.

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