“The Witcher” prequel left without a female lead performer

The prequel to the acclaimed “The Witcher” series, which is being released on streaming Netflix, has been left without a female performer of the key role. According to Western media reports, Jodie Smith dropped out of the project “The Witcher: Origins”.

The reason for this decision was called a conflict of filming schedules. Some time ago it was announced that the prequel will include six episodes. The action will unfold in the past – 1200 years before the events of the main show, where the first Witcher appeared, and the fusion of elves, humans and monsters took place.

Smith was supposed to play a heroine named Ailey. The official announcement described her as “a goddess and warrior woman who has been blessed and has left her clan and her post as defender of the queen to become a wandering musician at the behest of her heart. However, great changes on the continent force her to return to the life of a warrior, and find herself on the trail of vengeance.”

It is not yet known who will replace the actress. Declan De Barra, who curated the “The Witcher” series, was given the post of showrunner. Recall that the main role in the original show was played by Henry Cavill. Soon viewers will see a sequel to the popular series.

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