Woody Harrelson portrayed Himmler’s personal physician

Woody Harrelson intends to take on a key role in the psychological thriller, the action of which will unfold during the Second World War. As stated by Western media, the basis for the script served as the work of Joseph Kessel, entitled “The Man with Wonderful Hands: The Fantastic Story of Felix Kersten, Himmler’s personal physician.

It is worth noting that the Finnish-born doctor had considerable influence on one of the key criminals of Nazi Germany. It is known that thanks to his methods of treatment, the latter managed to muffle the terrible abdominal pain that plagued Himmler. It is believed that by using his cunning manipulation and proper methods of negotiation with his patient, the doctor contributed to the salvation of many concentration camp prisoners.

“Many years have passed since the end of the war, but even now we reveal some of its touching secrets, and tell the stories of those who were able to contribute to the victory over the disaster,” comments Eric Yelman, who is producing the drama.

Oren Moverman, author of The Dinner Project, is slated to direct the picture.

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