Zack Snyder speaks out about the head of Marvel

The author of the DC graphic novel adaptation “Justice League” and its updated version Zack Snyder believes that the head of Marvel, Kevin Feigy – truly, an outgoing manager and producer. He shared his opinion in a recent interview.

“He was able to do an incredible job, they were able to go across the gamut, work with all genres. Their acting with the characters was very effective. With their experimental methods, they’ve managed to build themselves up a fair margin of safety. They go on the offensive, and of course that’s impressive,” he comments. Also, the director admits that he would not mind making a movie about Wolverine.

Recall that Zack Snyder’s “Justice League” movie premiered last week and was presented to the public on the HBO streaming service Mach. The head of the company, Ann Sarnoff, later noted that this storyline will not continue and they have other plans for character development.

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