3D printing was accelerated 50 times [VIDEO]

A team of researchers demonstrated the work of the new 3D printing technology. Scientists claim that they managed to reduce the production time of the finished product by up to 50 times compared to traditional methods.
Modern medicine needs a large number of donor organs. However, when using traditional methods, it takes too long to create an object, which can lead to the onset of deformation and destruction at the cellular level. A team of researchers from the University of Buffalo has developed technology that can accelerate product yields by a factor of 10-50.

The new 3D printing technique is based on stereolithography and uses hydrogels as a base, widely used in the production of diapers, contact lenses and frames in tissue engineering. Thanks to ultra-precise tools, the photopolymerization process takes place, which allows you to quickly and continuously print. As an example, a model of a hand a few centimeters in size is used. So, if earlier the process would have taken long 6 hours, then in the presented video the entire experiment required only 19 minutes, accelerated for ease of viewing to 7 seconds.

At this stage, researchers have not yet learned how to scale technology: they are limited to creating relatively small items. If in the future the technique allows printing full-sized body parts, this will solve the problem of obtaining and storing donor organs.

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