A mobile Hitman spin-off has been announced. The first teaser was released [VIDEO]

While the IO Interactive team is working on a James Bond game, Square Enix decided to please fans of the Hitman series. The publisher presented a mobile Sniper Assassins, which may well get cooperative modes, but has not yet got a gameplay trailer or even an approved name.

All the information about the upcoming game comes from the only story video. According to the video, in Sniper Assassins there will be several main heroes (and it’s not about the legendary 47th) and they will have to work together, as the coordinator said. Whether there will be a cooperative mode in the mobile release is not specified.

At the same time Square Enix noted that Hitman Sniper Assassins will be released in 2021 for iOS and Android devices. It is possible that the game will change its name: now the publisher uses the working title.


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