A series based on The Last of Us will be very different from the game

Despite the best efforts of game designers and directors, video games and cinematography are incompatible formats. They have different features and approaches, which are impossible to ignore. And the authors of the series based on the drama The Last of Us are fully aware of that, so they won’t copy the original source completely.

In a recent interview with IGN, Neil Druckmann, the creator of the TLoU dilation, shared a couple of new details about the film adaptation. Most importantly, the show will not be a literal retelling of Joel and Ellie’s adventures. Although the story itself remained unchanged, and in some places the authors reproduced familiar scenes and dialogues in its entirety, in a number of aspects the version for small screens will noticeably depart from the source material. For example, it will have a lot less action – because the original was inserted so much shooting for gameplay, not story reasons.

The Last of Us series, recall, is being produced by the HBO channel. In addition to Drakmann, Craig Maisin (author of “Chernobyl”) is responsible for the script.

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