AI generates 4.5 billion words per day

The developers of the most popular text generation algorithm GPT-3 told about the next achievements of the new technology. According to them, their artificial intelligence is involved in 300 applications and creates 4.5 billion words per day.

GPT-3 is considered one of the most advanced algorithms for generating random texts. According to its developer, OpenAI, neural networks based on it are used by both enthusiasts and owners of large companies. There are no exact numbers, because at the moment it is involved in the development of several thousand projects in one way or another. At the same time, 300 existing applications based on the algorithm can generate 4.5 billion words per day.

OpenAI places no restrictions, providing access to the underlying code if requested. For example, this capability has been provided to Microsoft, as well as the startup Viable, which uses GPT-3 to analyze consumer feedback. The Fable Studio team has created a program based on the algorithm that generates dialogues in virtual reality, and Algolia is using it to improve search engines.

However, many analysts argue that it is too early to include GPT-3 in commercial products, as it could be potentially dangerous. One example is a medical chatbot that advised patients with suicidal tendencies to succumb to negativity and “do it.” The developers are confident that in the future, the shortcomings of AI can be solved, which is what researchers around the world are doing now. So, last year, thanks to the efforts of “Sber” specialists there was a Russian-language version of GPT-3. The training involved a 600GB array, and the final version is not inferior to the English version.

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