Apple has developed an ultra-precise under-screen Touch ID scanner

Apple has patented a new type of sensor for the under-screen fingerprint scanner. According to the published documentation, Touch ID next generation will have a new structure due to which its speed and accuracy of operation will significantly increase in comparison to previous developments of the company.

According to the patent, titled “Fingerprint Detection Under Display Based on Off-Axis Angular Light,” Apple is using a modified version of the optical scanner instead of the ultrasonic model. The document describes the operation of a system capable of detecting light through the device’s screen. By refracting it through a special grid, as the vendor claims, the contrast of the print will be improved.

The image sensors, in turn, will transform the light into electrical signals for user authentication. At the same time, the patent notes that the new type of sensor will be as compact as possible. The company also mentions the use of Fresnel lenses as one of the design elements of the future sensor.

It is expected that the sensor described in the patent may appear in the iPhone 13 series of smartphones, but the manufacturer has not yet confirmed this information.

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