Apple says it will not give a Parler app back

Apple has told Parler that the App Store will never allow it to ship to iOS devices. Apple canceled Twitter last week after insurrectionists attacked the US Capitol. The company subsequently removed Twitter. The participants posted pictures and videos of the mayhem on Parler as it was happening, and soon law enforcement learned the attack had been openly planned on Facebook as well.

Are there any hateful links in Appstore that users then may not find–or that are not allowed in App Store? According to Bloomberg 25 is the lowest number, according to the Bloomberg News. When they were creating modes, Parler had said it was remaking its moderation rules in response to Apple’s concerns. What can be to be changed in the App Store, after reviewing the new information, we don’t believe these changes are sufficient to comply with the App Store Review Guidelines,” said this in its message.

Why Apple didn’t act? Immediately after Capitol attack, other tech giants, including Google and Amazon, kicked the social network off their services, citing violations of their policies against hate speech and violence.

Apple’s decision against Parler marks the latest way Silicon Valley companies are attempting to push back against gathering places and publications that are popular with extremists. With Facebook, Twitter, YouTube have gradually ramped up moderation of their namesake social networks, they’ve collectively banned thousands of accounts. Tech giants have shut down accounts of top-profile conservative politicians who they say are inspiring or participating in hate campaigns.

So are some of the conservative politicians such as Texas Sen. Ralph Dean. Ted Cruz, Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley and Donald Trump have argued these bans are politically driven and that the tech companies are violating people’s right to free speech. Donald Trump’s Twitter accounts were banned from YouTube, which is a trending topic for American politics. Trump tweeted on Jan. 23 that he was shocked by the decision. While Raul has warned of the potential danger of the platforms being used to stoke violence, the group of hackers has joined his forces and threatened to kill a man who has the number 6 armed.

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