Apple Watch saved the owner from ice captivity

The owner of the Apple smartwatch reported a miraculous rescue. He fell through the ice and couldn’t get out on his own. Only thanks to a gadget on his wrist, he received the help of rescuers and survived.

William Rogers is not your average ice lover. According to him, he has been teaching figure skating all his life. The moment the ice on the river broke, William found himself in cold water. Despite desperate attempts to get to the ground and knowledge of the rules for reaching the surface, he did not succeed: the ice crust under him was constantly breaking through.

After assessing the situation, the victim realized that the smartphone was too far away. Collecting his thoughts, William stopped panicking and remembered that the Apple Watch has an emergency Emergency SOS function. Having contacted 911, William described the situation to them and explained that he could only hold out for no more than ten minutes. Fortunately, rescuers arrived at the scene within five minutes, and the victim was rescued from the ice captivity.

“William stayed calm and did what he had to do to survive,” said the fire chief of New Hampshire, USA.

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