Apple’s new algorithm makes typing easier and faster

Apple has patented a new way to autocorrect when typing text. Now the system will not delete the whole word, but will be able to automatically detect and leave the correctly written letters, so that they do not have to be typed again.

The idea is to speed up typing and simplify the correction of mistakes. So, if the user enters the first few letters correctly, the cursor will automatically move to the right place and remove the part of the word with mistakes. It is supposed to speed up the typing process, giving users another powerful tool for quickly catching typos.

It should be noted that the modern algorithms of word correction on the Apple smartphones are much smarter than those that existed in the early days of cell phones. For example, the Slide-to-Type option allows you to remove misspelled words by sliding your finger over them. Also, the built-in algorithm has an auto-correct function and is equipped with a lot of hints, which speeds up typing because after entering a few characters, the system can suggest the most likely word for the current context.

The new patent describes the algorithm as a decision chain based on how often a particular letter occurs after another one already typed by the user.

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