Codemasters and NetEase are teaming up to bring a real-time competitive racer to mobile

EA has just announced that it is working on a racing game for mobile in conjunction with Codemasters. The app will enter into open beta later this month. What will be the next game in series 9 of racing master? At its best, it’s a real-time simulation racer that’s utilizing the Unreal 4 engine and some proprietary codemasters technology, who just so happens to be a developer with a slew of famous racers under its belt, such as DiRT, GRID, and

Watch your favorite video trailer! While the majority is cinematic, there seem to be a few glimpses of gameplay. In terms of gameplay, some of the screenshots are identical to the Ego 3 games, though gameplay has been streamlined and improved with the added EGO technology. If you prefer the GRID graphics, there’s no reason to not like the EGO 3 series, but the titles are different.

In the past few months, Racing Mastern has not been updated to play for some of its games, but pre-registerers can still enjoy the racing experience via the official website.

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