Data from 1.3 million Clubhouse accounts leaked to the darknet

On one of the hacker forums a database of Clubhouse social network accounts was published. The creators of the service have already commented on the situation and stated that there was no hack as such. Nevertheless, the personal data of more than a million users are in the public domain.

According to the source in the leaked archive you can find account owners’ identifiers, their names, descriptors of Twitter and Instagram, number of subscriptions, date of account creation and also contacts who sent invitations for registration.

Experts note that the base does not contain passwords and email addresses. Immediately after the information about the availability of the archive, representatives of Clubhouse said that reports about cracking the service are not true, and all the information specified is already publicly available for users of the application.

Earlier, in early April, data from 530 million Facebook accounts was leaked, and five days later the public domain was leaked of 500 million LinkedIn profiles.

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